Posted on Feb 10, 2019

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Research over the last decade has identified nicotine's carcinogenic potential in animal models and cell culture.

Nicotine has been noted to directly cause cancer through a number of different mechanisms such as the activation of MAP Kinases. Indirectly, nicotine increases cholinergic signalling (and adrenergic signalling in the case of colon cancer), thereby impeding apoptosis (programmed cell death), promoting tumor growth, and activating growth factors and cellular mitogenic factors such as 5-LOX, and EGF.

Nicotine also promotes cancer growth by stimulating angiogenesis and neovascularization. In one study, nicotine administered to mice with tumors caused increases in tumor size (twofold increase), metastasis (nine-fold increase), and tumor recurrence (threefold increase).

What smokers aren’t being told about nicotine based e-cigarettes is that when they switch from ‘smoking’ to ‘vaping’ there remains in their lungs huge amounts of tar comprising the estimated 4000 toxic chemicals that you are supposed to not get with electronic cigarettes. That tar typically takes 10-20 years to fully ‘disperse’.

So when you switch from a tobacco cigarette to an electronic cigarette all you are doing is to continue to bathe the tar and toxins that remain in your lungs with nicotine, with all of its cancer/tumour promoting qualities.

Not really a good or sensible thing to do...
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