Posted on Mar 6, 2019

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Drop the to-do lists and start the ta-da lists !

Ok, dropping your to-do lists may not be a good idea. But, let's face it, they can have a negative effect on a person - looking at all the things that you wanted to get done but didn't(!) - for a variety of reasons.

So in addition start, and maintain, a 'ta-da' list - a list that celebrates your wins, triumphs, hurdles you've overcome, customers and bosses you've delighted, and the things that made you smile.

"Reflecting on the positives each day boosts your mood, shifts your attitude to a can-do way of thinking and pivots you into seeking out happiness every day", says psychologist Emma Kenny.

So grab a notepad now, and start jotting down everything that's good about yourself and what you've achieved in your life - and that you really shouldn't forget and, really, should be celebrating...!
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