Posted on Mar 9, 2019

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Prince Harry's (now the Duke of Sussex) tireless work is widely acknowledged, in using his own personal experience of mental health difficulties and problems to acknowledge that drugs are not a 'cure all' silver bullet - because no two people are exactly the same.

People are different. A drug that might appear to work for one person need not necessarily be effective for another person - even though their symptoms might superficially appear to be the same to their medical physician.

People have different DNA and different life experiences. Some have allergies, and some don't. Some ethnic groups have similar DNA and are susceptible to certain medical conditions - that don't afflict other ethnic groups. Some people suffer side-effects from medication - and some don't. People are different. Prince Harry is correct when he says:

"Everyone is uniquely wired is what I keep saying. There is no one silver bullet, no one cure for everyone."

And it is precisely because everyone is a unique individual, that talking therapies can provide real, effective, help that is tailored towards the specific individual needs of each individual.
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